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We offer a range of topcoats to suit all client needs that work particularly well on trivalent full passivates. To enquire about our services or to get expert advice about the most suitable topcoat for your needs, please get in touch.

Selection of nuts and bolts

JS500 Topcoat

JS500 is a water-based sealant that provides a proven bleach and seal process. It offers increased corrosion protection when applied over zinc plating with trivalent yellow passivation. It will bleach the colour back to a very pale yellow/green. It also has a coefficient of friction of 0.2 and because it is free from hexavalent chromium this process is compliant with both the EVL, WEEE and RoHS Directives.

MacLube 9775 TX

MacLube 9775TX improves the corrosion resistance and lubricity of metal finishes. It is suitable for use on protective trivalent and hexavalent passivated zinc coatings.

High lubricity metal part

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For more information on our topcoats service, please get in touch for expert advice and guidance.
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