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Trivalent Passivates

Trivalent Passivates

We offer a comprehensive service and can advise on the best passivation method to meet your individual needs. Offering clear, blue, full and trivalent 1500LT passivates, we can recommend the right solution for your project. To arrange a free quote, get in touch for expert advice and a no-obligation quotation.

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What is Trivalent Passivation?

Trivalent passivation is a metal finishing process that can be applied after zinc plating to enhance corrosion resistance. This method of metal finishing is the perfect alternative to hexavalent coatings on zinc-plated parts, as it is less toxic to the environment, while also achieving excellent corrosion resistance. With ever more legislation coming into play that demands that items are not finished with hexavalent chrome (such as the ELV, and WEEE Directives), trivalent passivation has become the go-to hexavalent substitute.

Trivalent Blue & Clear

Trivalent blue passivate gives a bright metallic finish with a blue tint. The clear option will give approximately 12 hours to white corrosion in a salt spray test. If you need enhanced corrosion protection, then speak to us about our enhanced trivalent clear passivates. These can offer between 48 to 72 hours depending on the part.

Trivalent Full Passivates

These offer the ideal solution to hexavalent yellow passivates. However, they provide a finish that is closer to clear but with green or purple iridescence. This choice will give 72 to 96 hours to white corrosion in a salt spray test; however, the item will need a minimum of 8 microns of zinc underneath.

If you require a colour similar to hexavalent yellow passivates, then we can offer a dye on top of passivate to achieve this colour.

Trivalent 1500LT

Trivalent 1500LT is a passivate based on trivalent chromium and has a characteristic green-yellow colour when used over zinc deposits. It is a single component liquid concentrate, which produces an iridescent passivate film by immersion. It is used on many applications and is especially suited to both rack and barrel applications.

When Trivalent 1500LT is used in conjunction with an approved topcoat, the passivate film will produce a silver-like finish. Furthermore, it also achieves superior corrosion resistance even after heating treatments.

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